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Tejas Pistoleros Shooting Club

Due to the HOLIDAYS, the November Shoot is scheduled for November 27th and 28th, 2004. The December Shoot is scheduled for January 1st and 2nd, 2005. The SHOOTERS MEETING will start at 10:30am, and the SHOOT will start at 10:45am.

Because of Deer Season, NO ONE IS TO ENTER THE MAIN GATE BEFORE 10:00AM on either Practice or Match Weekend during the months of November, December and the 1st weekend in January.

The November Shoot will be the FINAL availability of raffle tickets at $10 each for a Cimarron Model P Revolver, a Dan Wesson Revolver, and a Custom Gun Cart, as well as several "Silent Auctions." The drawings will be held at the November shoot. Proceeds from these funds will be donated to the Big Jake Recovery Fund.


We are a traditional Cowboy Shooting Club. We use firearms of the old west, primarily single action pistols, lever action pistol-caliber rifles and side by side shotguns. Scenarios are shot using live ammunition for accuracy and speed. The club is for adults and families who appreciate late 19th century firearms and want to become more proficient with them. We shoot on the 4th Saturday and the following Sunday of each month. See the calendar for exceptions.

The range at Eagle Lake is also reserved for supervised practice for Tejas Pistoleros Club Members from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm on the 1st Saturday and the following Sunday of each month. Range Fees are $10.00 per shooter per day. Basic Instruction in CAS fundamentals and the Posse System is available and FREE of charge to Club Members. CAS Club Timers will also be provided.

In memoriam to our brother in arms!
Hawkeye Pierce
Vice-President 1998-2003

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